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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) :


Who are we ?

How can you order Translation's services ?

Can I get a free sample of your services ?

How about payment ?


Who are we ?


Alanyatercüme is a division of the Alanya Web-Refer group, Sworn Translators Rüsdem Görgülü, Kızlarpınarı Mah. Hacı Kadiroglu Sok. Tapu Dairesi Yanı, 07400 Alanya/Turkey 
Tel: +90 242 513 75 16  GSM : +90 533 683 29 53

The basic idea is to provide businesses with an integrated service that can cover web site management (creation, design and translation of pages), the ongoing management of international relations (translation of sites and all sorts of documents), quality control for the documents produced (correction, improvement and formatting of all types of documents), as well as access to external quality tools (international press, on-line dictionaries and grammar reference books, research engines).

Because our company is Alanyatercüme, we have managed to get our infrastructure costs down to the absolute minimum; this means that we are in a position to offer significantly lower prices than traditional agencies.


How can you order Translatin's services ?


If you agree to go ahead using our order form, all you need to do is to send the work you want done as an e-mail attachment. It will be returned to you in the same way within the time period stipulated in the estimate.


Can I get a free sample of your services ?

Yes, but only for translations and if you can show us exactly what you would like us to translate. Each of our translators has agreed to provide 10 lines of translation free of charge to potential clients as proof of the quality of our services. Unfortunately, in our other fields of activity, this is not feasible.

How about payment ?


At the moment we require payment through traditional channels:

Directly to Translation-: Alanyatercüme Rüsdem Görgülü, Garanti Bankasi, Filiale Alanya Şekerhane , Filiale Kod : 602,         Kontonummer: 6667352,IBAN : TR08 0006 2000 0070 0006 6673 

Euro Kontonummer:9081387  IBAN :TR19 0006 2000 00700009 0813 87

Dolar Kontonummer:9076002  IBAN :TR11 0006 2000 007000090760 02

  • By Eurocheque or international cheque sent to: Kızlarpınarı Mah. Hacı Kadiroglu Sok. Tapu Dairesi Yanı, 07400 Alanya  
  • By International Money Order addressed in the same way.

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